Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Cozy Day!

I love Christmas. The anticipation, the warmth, the home-ness of it. I feel blessed to be spending a joyful cozy day with family. I only wish I could be with all of you, dear family and friends, sharing the delights of gift-giving and sharing food.

This year, all our gifts were handmade. We didn't make them all ourselves (though we made a pretty good crack at it). We supplemented with Etsy and the Portland Holiday Market. But I'm proud to have contributed very little to mass consumerism and the production of yet more plastic.

And still have given and received many lovely little love tokens. The pinecones above and felted rocks below were a few stocking stuffers I created. Something about felt expresses the hearth-feel of the season.

Happy day and love to you all!