Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some say the world will end in fire

It sure is crazy blistering world-endingly hot around here. Mint from my garden, ice, and watercolor-blue water. Trying to keep cool at school.
Good luck.


  1. well it was only 72 in NB today (at the airport)

  2. 72 is so perfect. 105 is 33 degrees too many. How I miss the coast!

  3. I'm confused as to what all those ingredients are for and how they contribute to coolness.

  4. Well, give them to Olive, and see what she does with them. It'll be instructive.

    It's a sensory tub. With cool-colored, cool-smelling, cool-feeling water. It's probably cool-tasting as well, though I didn't try it. Others may have. Basically, I'm bathing the children in peppermint tea. And I do recommend it.