Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Summer tastes like crocodiles,"

said a child in my care today. So we wrote some poems.

by a 4 year old girl

Summer is fun to me.
Summer smells like pickles.
Summer feels like pickles.
Summer sounds like pickles.
Summer looks like pickles.
I like pickles.
Blue and pink and purple pickles!
But not pickle ice cream.
Pickles only.
Pickles, pickles, pickles!

By a 4 year old girl

Summer smells like candy canes.
It tastes like chocolate.
It sounds like an airplane.
It looks like a castle.
It feels like hot wind.
Summertime feels like a sunburn.
I do like summertime.
And it feels like I have a sunburn.
And my body peels.

by a 3 year old girl

Summer feels like soccer camp.
It smells like jerseys.
It tastes like Gatorade.
It looks like cotton candy.
It smells like Strawberry Short Cake.
I only go to soccer camp at summertime.

by the alpha 4 year old boy in our class

I get to go swimming so much.
Hot hot like a hot hot oven
in the hot hot sun
with hot hot fire.
Summer smells like blooming flowers.
It looks like pink and red and purple flowers.
It sounds like hooooooooo.
It tastes like nectar of flowers.
And I get to go swimming!

by a 3 year old girl

I love when I go in my swimming pool,
and I love when I water my flowers,
and I love when my dad does that too.
I love when he waters the grass.

by a 3 year old boy who has spoken English for a short time.

Summertime makes the sun come out.
It sounds like the sun coming out.
It tastes like clouds going bye bye.
It looks like raining sometimes.
It smells like no fog.
It feels of not raining and the sun come out.


  1. You are so great. And I must be alpha, too, because I am also always talking about how much I get to go swimming!

  2. There are some nice poems here. It's amazing how original children are, and it's amazing how our educational system, as well as society, takes that out of them. We need times in school for daydreaming, that state of mind that is not aimed at producing something, but which is the gestative period of both art and life. In today's society with its myriad planned activities, children have little or no time to even day dream at home. Perhaps there's a reason that many seers in the past were blind, maybe it's when our eyes are closed, figuratively or literally speaking, that we can truly and originally see, that we can attain the clarity and originality of childhood--that place where we live from deep in the center and see with our inner eyes.